Inclusion Feels Good

What does one do while they continue to wait for the call?  Well window shop of course.

Walking around the stores and even on line, you see the adorable clothes available.  Many of them have slogans like “I love my Dad” or “I love my Mom”.  Like most prospective parents, your heart kind of melts as you imagine your child wearing the onesie declaring their love for you (yes they don’t have a choice in the matter, but that is a different story).

In our particular situation, we don’t really have many options.  I look at some of these items and think, “well maybe I love my Dad would work, or I could add an S at the end with a marker”.

ilovemy-dads-mockup-rabbit-skins-rs2004-4x4_2_2048x2048Then something cool popped up in my social feed last night.  A new clothing line for LGBT parents.  Recently launched by the brother-in-law of Colton Haynes, Gayby is a site where LGBT parents can find cute clothes with slogans that are geared towards same-sex parent families.

For those that are not a part of a minority group, it can be difficult to understand what it is like to see a product or commercial for the first time that reflects you. It was like the first time I saw a real wedding card for a same-sex couple in a store.  I just stared at it, and the feeling of being represented felt so good.  You no longer had to modify an existing card using white out and markers!

The first clothing item I saw immediately spoke to me, given that we are pursuing open adoption and it is important for us that our child has a relationship and healthy awareness of their birth mother.

For those of us going through open adoption, this shirt is going to be a must have.

Gayby is definitely a site that I will be making some purchases from.

Inclusion feels so good! Can’t wait to see more companies bring products and services to the main stream that are inclusive of all of our diversity.

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