Summer Plans and Waiting

My dreams have been great lately, mostly positive adoption type dreams.  Some weird; like the other night I was waiting in the Thompson, MB airport with a lady with a chicken on her lap and I was flying somewhere to pick up our baby.  In my dream it didn’t seem at all strange that the woman had a chicken on her lap, nor was it strange that I was in a northern Manitoba airport.  If this is a premonition then I’ll be sure to keep my eyes open for a woman with a chicken.

Talk of summer is already beginning.  I know R is very excited.  This week we select our seasonal campsite up in Hecla, MB for the new 5th wheel. We were drawn #13 in the lottery so we will be guaranteed an site with electrical.  This is very important, as I need air conditioning and my TV and laptop for rainy days.

Our new camper.

It is going to be such a fun summer.  A lot of activities, weekends at the lake and relaxing.

So far I’m also registered for a total of 7 runs between April and October, mostly 10 km and 15 km races. I do also have the Manitoba Half Marathon in June.

Summer is sounding terrific so far, but for some reason today I keep seeing it as another potential season without being parents.  Baby on the brain I guess. As mentioned in a previous post as a waiting parent you begin to measure your wait in milestones.  It is hard to explain to others who haven’t been through the wait, but you do keep track of your wait.  If asked, I could tell you down to the number of days we have been waiting since our approval.

In the meantime we just keep moving forward.  It still requires planning ahead though.  For example, our recent trip to Palm Springs required that we purchase trip cancellation insurance just in case we got the call.  I also had every flight out of Palm Springs listed so that at a moments notice we could fly back.

Even a weekend away, I make sure our phones have strong signals and I know how to get out of wherever we are quickly.  Same goes with business trips. As you can imagine this makes it difficult to not have baby on your brain all the time. If the bars on my phone start to drop too low, I’m in a rush to find a way to charge.

So this summer, while we will be away and “relaxing” at the lake.. I’ll also be watching my phone as I tend to do and be ready to go at a moments notice.

Sounds relaxing doesn’t it?  Almost like a parent waiting to go into labour.  The only difference is we could have this wait and feeling for years.  Oiy!


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