November- National Adoption Month

This is the first year that I have become aware of National Adoption Month.  In the past, November was the simply the month leading up to Christmas, the month to remember our Veterans… and now November has a special significance in our lives.

We officially started our adoption journey in 2015, after over a decade of talking about starting our family.  2015 has been a year of hope, success and growth for us as a couple.  The process has strengthened us as a unit, and I feel that even if we aren’t successful in becoming parents, we have been able to deepen our relationship through our journey.

As my readers are very well aware, through the early part of the year we moved through milestone after milestone.  It gave me a lot to talk about in my writing. At this stage of the journey, however, it is becoming increasing more difficult to write blog posts that don’t simply say “still waiting”.  I also have to remind myself that we have truly only been approved and waiting since the end of September… not that long compared to some other waiting families.

This is a symbol for adoption. The triangle represents the connection between birth parents, the child and the adoptive parents. The heart obviously represents the love.

I have been particularly mindful of Adoption Awareness Month and have undertaken many activities.  My goal is to read or attend something adoption related each day.

In the beginning of the month , as I wrote about in my last blog post, we attended Adoption Options (AO) annual fundraiser gala, Conceiving Dreams.  It was an incredibly fun event, and I was so glad we attended.  The event itself is by no coincidence scheduled each year during Adoption Awareness month.  For us, the event was not only a great night out; but a great opportunity to network with other families that have successfully created their forever families through adoption.

We heard terrific stories from birth moms, and other couples like us who have been on the journey.  Our table was shared with three other couples that had successfully adopted through AO, and had different experiences and wait times.

The evening was a reminder of what an incredible experience open adoption is.  We saw first hand how open adoption creates an extended family, how much love is shared between birth parents and adoptive parents.  We also got to see some of the children at the event. I have truly never seen more happy, intelligent and well adjusted kids.

November has taken on a new meaning for us, and events such as Conceiving Dreams are the much needed wind in our sails to propel us forward and keep our focus on the goal. I have also been reading stories of adoption, blog posts etc.  I have also met individuals in a variety of places that have all successfully adopted.

This November, take a moment to learn more about amazing organizations such as Adoption Options, and if you are in the position to do so donate.  The work they do is incredible and helps to create families for people like R and I.


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