What’s In A Name?

imagesCAGS0V33An iconic quote from Romeo and Juliet, but is it true when it comes to naming your baby?

I will admit that I have been compiling potential baby names for years.  A little premature? Maybe.  However, I think the name you choose for your child can directly impact their future, and is a huge responsibility.  It is the first impression people have of you.  I am sure that someone named “Bambi” (“i” dotted with a heart of course) conjures a very different mental image than say, “Charlotte”.

Over the years I have seen the changes in baby names.  A few years back most of the top boys names read as a page out of the bible, with names like Noah, Joshua and all of the 12 Apostles. Then there was the Irish/Gaelic phase with names like Liam and Ethan.  Now, baby names seem to be a mix of the Golden Girls meets retirement village with names such as Rose, Sophia and Violet.

We are trying to deviate from the top 10 in our name selections.  The biggest challenge has been that once we decide on a name, someone has a baby and then use one of the names we had selected.  Those of you that have struggled over the name selection know how frustrating this can be.  Settling on a name can take hours or days of negotiating, using the “power of veto”, and navigating the sea of “no we can’t use that one, I knew someone named that and they were a jerk”.

So what is the etiquette around naming your baby?  Do you avoid names that people you know have already used?  Is there a scale of political correctness? Something like… “Casual Facebook friends -O.k”, “Co-worker- No”? 

We had totally settled on a first and one middle name for a girl (we are reserving a spot for the birth parents to potentially gift another middle name).  We appeared to be home free, until I got the newsletter last week from the adoption agency.  There in the section that celebrates new arrivals was an adorable little girl with the first and middle name we had chosen. Doh!?

We’ll just have to choose a name that is right for us and our baby, but with so many people having children… I’m starting to run out of names.

Top Baby Names for 2015:

Rank Male Female
1 Liam Emma
2 Noah Olivia
3 Ethan Sophia
4 Mason Ava
5 Logan Isabella
6 Lucas Mia
7 Jackson Charlotte
8 Oliver Amelia
9 Aiden Emily
10 Jacob Madison


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3 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. I fully agree that names influence a child’s personality from day one. In the world we live in today, everyone wants a unique name combo. In my opinion, all that matters is that you and your husband love the name.

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    1. Naming a child is a very difficult task. You need to think about how the name fits the personality, how unique/common you want the name to be, possible cruel nicknames, if the initials allude to something, ease of writing, spelling, pronouncing… My favorite website for names is: http://www.behindthename.com/ Lots of ideas, alternate spellings, top 100 lists (by country and by year), you can even search by name meaning. Good luck on your search!

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