It’s a New Day…

To say that our two-day education session was an emotional rollercoaster would be an understatement.  We learned a lot, cried a bit and experienced a bit of a reality check.  We had several speakers that shared their adoption stories, which was a really great experience but an emotionally draining one at the same time.

Unintentionally, all of the speakers and facilitator that we heard from had experienced a reversal.  For those who aren’t familiar with this adoption term, a reversal is a situation where you are chosen by the birth mom, the baby is placed with you and then the birth mom changes her mind during the 21 day waiting period.  When this happens the baby is picked up and taken back to the birth mom.  We heard some gut wrenching stories, and saw the emotion and pain these situations cause.

The sun peaking through the trees, shedding light on a new day.
The sun peaking through the trees, shedding light on a new day.

This is a reality of the process.  It is easy to be scared off by the possibly of “What if’s..”.  We have to choose to not let our fears of getting hurt, prevent us from becoming parents.  Following our session, R and I headed up to the lake for a quiet night.  It was a chance for me to take a few long walks, ground myself with nature and get my head back in the game.

We are both all in.  Our desire for a family is worth going through the rollercoaster of emotions.  We know we can do this, we know we will be incredible parents and we know that the child we are meant to have will find us one day.  That is one thing I took away from our sessions this weekend, that each couple who experienced this terrible situation, were all eventually matched.  They also all shared the belief that it happened for a reason, and brought them to the child they were meant to have.

So it is a new day, new attitude and renewed focus on achieving our goal.  We will find the home for our hearts, and will complete our family.  im_not_telling_you

That missing puzzle piece is out there just waiting to be discovered.




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Two Dads journey to raise two amazing kids, without losing our minds!

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