Bridezilla? Meh, Not So Much

I’ve been busy with work, work travel, and well… planning my wedding, so needless to say I took a brief hiatus from blogging.  We are still moving along the baby path and our next milestone is our weekend long education session that comes up at the end of May.  After that, our package gets finalized and then sh$# gets real.  Our decision to get our marriage completed before hand was absolutely the right choice.  So we get married the week before our education session!

Initially I was battling with the fact that we have decided to do a low-key, mini wedding in our living room.  It definitely was not how I planned it.  I mean, I am the person who for years has had a wedding planned from colour scheme, to venue to our first dance.  It’s amazing though that once our focus became about starting our family, all of that seemed unimportant.  The wedding is about the two of us.  It isn’t about a lavish party, or keeping up with everyone else.  It is about celebrating each other and accomplishing our goals.

That being said R has indulged me somewhat.  I have a photographer booked (Patricia Lynn Photography  ), and I will have wedding decor provided by the incredible Rosie at Mona Lisa Florists and Gifts, then our small group will take a limo to dinner in the Kennedy Room at Hy’s.

Colour inspiration
Colour inspiration

I have a colour and style theme in mind… yellow, white and navy.  I’m going for a spring, Hampton’s vibe. While it isn’t the big fancy wedding I always imagined… it is going to be perfect for us.  It is amazing how perspective can change when your priorities shift.

I have been quite impressed with myself.  I am not stressed and pulled it together rather seamlessly, with help from great friends and neighbours.  I have also managed to not be intense, and over planned.  I still have 25 days so we’ll see if I manage to maintain this wedding zen.

So far, Bridezilla has not reared its ugly head!

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Two Dads journey to raise two amazing kids, without losing our minds!

3 thoughts on “Bridezilla? Meh, Not So Much

  1. Sometimes an intimate type setting can be the best! In hindsight, I would have made our wedding smaller, and it was only 75 people. Then again I was so stressed I was begging to elope, haha. Love your colour scheme!


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